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Meet Kotigo: a pioneer audiobook app to listen to Afrocentric Audiobooks & Podcasts – Gutener Charity NGO

Meet Kotigo: a pioneer audiobook app to listen to Afrocentric Audiobooks & Podcasts

An audiobook is a recording of a book or other work being read out loud. Audio books have become really essential in these times where everyone is always on the move and still determined to acquire more knowledge. Audiobooks are entertaining, enveloping and instructional.

Since, the first language skill that we acquire is listening, 85% of what we learn is by listening. Listening to audiobooks can make learning a much easier process for those young learners who have difficulty reading.


What is Kotigo?


Kotigo is an audiobook platform with primary focus on African authors and publishers. The audiobooks comprise rich audio formats of printed books written by great authors and others. The Kotigo catalogue consists of wide collection of book genre ranging from business, personal development, finance, religious, biographies, children, marriage, relationships and many others.

The audio narrators are carefully selected to suit the genre, the content as well the character of the authors so our listeners can have amazing listening experience. The app is free to download; audiobooks can be purchased in-app; some audiobooks can be downloaded at no cost periodically.

The Kotigo platform is integrated with top-notch payment processors to ensure seamless and transparent payment processing.


How is Kotigo different?


Kotigo, the Nigeria’s pioneer Audiobook Platform is a dedicated audiobook platform created to avail diverse book readers with an alternative to traditional written literature materials and other related contents.

The platform is developed with primary focus on content written by Africans for the African and international markets. Kotigo as one of the products of this drive was born out of the need to constantly ensure consumers enjoy products and services at a more convenient and soothing rate powered by creativity, innovation and engineered by progressive technology.

The quest for total consumer satisfaction and facilitator gratification has brought us about the birth of Kotigo.

The platform is developed with primary focus on books and literature materials by African authors, international content will be added in the nearest future. Audiobooks on Kotigo are narrated by carefully selected and suited narrators based on the content of each book; books are also available in local languages.

The Kotigo platform covers a wide range of book genres. The platform can be likened to a bookshop and a library of some sorts with wide variety of audiobooks. Some genres of books covered on Kotigo are – Business, Family, Children literature, Religion, Finance, Biographies and Memoirs, Academics, Professional, Politics and Nation building, Religion and many more. 

Most importantly, the Kotigo mobile application is available on Mobile App Stores and can be downloaded at no cost to the users. Users can purchase audiobooks and download the books only to the mobile application.  Users can also browse and listen to short recorded clips of all books on the App at no cost.

As a reader and an active learner, there’s so much to gain from Kotigo audiobooks platform. It’s easy to access and free! Download Kotigo mobile app and usher yourself into a world of knowledge with no hassles!

If you are still wondering why audiobooks are important and why you need to download the kotigo app, kindly consider the numerous benefits below.

Benefits of Audiobooks

  • Increasing reading accuracy by 52%
  • Increasing reading speed, expanding vocabulary and improving fluency
  • Teaching pronunciation
  • Improving comprehension by 76%; and
  • Increasing test scores by 21% when engaged in multi-modal learning
  • 27% of the Kindergarten to Year 12 population are auditory learners
  • Students can listen and comprehend two grade levels above their reading level when regularly listening to audiobooks; and
  • Combining print and audio increases recall by 40% over print alone.

More benefits of audiobooks include;

  • An Interesting and Engaging View of the Story

The narrator’s personality can make the listener engage effortlessly with the story. This helps develop mental pictures of situations and characters and aids for a deeper understanding of the plot.

Narrators are exciting and they make the story come alive. Making the listeners have a fun experience.

  • Visual Impairments

 For people with visual impairments and other reading disorders like dyslexia, hyperlexia, etc. The literacy development among differently-abled individuals has been greatly helped by the creation of audiobooks.

  • Memory Improvement

The number of audiobooks you listen to improves the ability to retain information and the more your brain gets used to remembering plots from audiobooks. This helps you get better at remembering other things of your life.

  • Critical Thinking and Comprehension

Your brain constantly tries to figure out certain outcomes, relate events and typically make sense of the story, allows your brain process different situations which on the other hand makes your mind sharper and develops your critical and analytical thinking skills.

  • Self-Esteem And Confidence

 Allowing students to independently access text and keep up with their peers on both content area reading and pleasure reading – audiobooks help to ease frustration, boost confidence and make reading much more enjoyable.

  • Accurate Pronunciation

Most times, speaking accurately can be a big problem for international students. This leads to students not speaking up in class due to inferiority complex. Audiobooks go a long way in helping students with pronunciation and even better when students have access to audiobooks in classrooms.

You can download the app here for Android Phones and iPhone

Follow the company here: https://mykotigo.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyKotigo

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