Make children confident and dedicated to their dreams just like in Graça’s dream / Melissa Fagan

In Graça’s Dream, the author Melissa Fagan presents the life of a hard worker and dedicated young girl called Graça, born in a very challenging environment. Through her involvement in school, particularly in reading books, she earns a scholarship, and after a long stay in Europe; she comes back to her country Mozambique, to transform it positively and profoundly. Melissa Fagan is an Australian author, freelance writer, and editor based in Brisbane. She specializes in creative writing, and they have published her books on many platforms like BookDash. One of her more notable publications is Graça’s Dream. Through this book, she sought to explain two very important things: The government needs to pay more attention to children’s education by making books more accessible, and also, children have to believe in their dreams. Melissa Fagan wrote this story to experience her opinion on the current significance of education and her main juncture was: “Our children deserve to know the power of the story and the pleasure of reading” this book is worthwhile if we consider the African context nowadays. Whatever background you come from, never forget that you can bring some profound solutions depending on how much you apply yourself.

This book presents the key to success: Hard work. Even though she wasn’t in the best condition, Graça earned a scholarship because she was a highly dedicated and hard-working student. As we learn from the story, reading books was one of Graça’s hobbies. If we look back at Ama Dadson’s statement: “The earlier a child is exposed to literature, the earlier they appreciate themselves, their culture and where they come from.” She never forgot about the unfortunate reality of her nation, Mozambique, which is why she came back to transform it and free people through education.

The book also promotes solidarity among people. In fact, with the help of her friends, she was successful in changing the status quo. Melissa Fagan also tries to connect children with African heroes like Nelson Mandela. We know him as one of the most recognized social rights activists, not only in Africa but across the world. The character of Graça was further elaborated on by Ms. Fagan, who had this to say: “The subject of my team’s book was Graça Machel. Her story is inspirational, of course—from humble beginnings in Mozambique, she helped her country gain independence and significantly raised the literacy level of its children in her first two years as Minister of Education and Culture.” 

“Here’s a book, my child. What will it inspire you to do?” inter-pleads parents in their duty of raising the next generation. Parents hold the ability to decide whom the next generation will become, whether prosperous or otherwise. The more they play a role, the more their children will have dreams like Martin Luther King and try to fulfill them like Graça. 

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