Let us explore the book « I’m the colour of honey », written by Maimouna Jallow

I’m the colour of honey is a book written by Maimouna Jallow, with illustrations by Caroline Faysse and designs Charne Casey. Maimouna Jallow is a Kenyan story-teller. She is a cofounder of an arts and media company called Positively African. Her passion for African issues is evident thorough out her media and literal work. One such evidence is portrayed through her book I’m the colour of honey’

My name is Amanda. I live

with my Mummy, Daddy

and my dog Porsha

The book explores the world through the eyes of a toddler who is still discovering the world and piecing the puzzle pieces that life presents and discovering what sort of piece she is in the world puzzle. The book portrays how young children tend to make connections with nature and other elements in life for example, Amanda says:

My daddy says I’m the colour of honey


My mummy says I look like a beautiful sunset

Amanda also says that she does not look like either of her parents she however notes her skin tone’s likeliness to the family dog’s brown fur.

I’m the colour of honey explores the themes of identity, love, family, child development as well as societal belonging.

The theme of family and how family is presented is drawn out of the book. Family comes in different forms. It does not necessarily have to match.  I’m the colour of honey shows that families come in different shapes, shades and sizes. The book highlights some of the challenges that arise in instances where families do not necessarily match, for instance in interracial relationships, such as scrutiny from society and the mental effects it has on a young mind. The book properly indicates how to handle issues of identity and self-esteem, for one to be confident in their own skin. Amanda learns about who she is and how she is, she gets to appreciate all the elements that came together to form her.

The book is suitable for young readers and especially for children who struggle with self-identity.  I’m the colour of honey offers a starting point for people to explain issues of identity, biracialism as well as humanity. Therefore, the book offers a starting point on those topical issues and should definitely be read for those reasons.  It is an easy read and is filled with similes and metaphors that makes it more relatable. The book itself is full of colourful illustrations that go with the flow and pace of the book. The book can easily score an 8 out of 10 rating from me.

                                                  By… Charly Chitambo

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