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Book Reviewed by Boniface Dansou – Gutener Charity NGO

Book Reviewed by Boniface Dansou

THE BEST GIFT, written by Hani du Toit is one of the children’s books illustrated by Chantelle and Burgen Thorne, designed by Ezra Harerimana, edited by Alison Zikiwith with the help of  the Book Dash and published on the website for free under a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license. This means anyone can freely read, download, print, translate and share the books.


The Best Gift deals with creative characters such as: Jibraan, Dad, coach,Sumeya,Sensai Shaukat, baby. The main character is Jibraan.

Outline of the Best Gift

THE BEST GIFT is about getting your child the education that best suits his or her needs, as well as encouraging their talents. This is learnt through the many performances of Jibraan in the book.

First of all, Jibraan used his toys to discover a hidden talent. Then, he got other new talents through playing and training. He is always ready to learn. He never backs away from obstacles. He always seeks to overcome them with courage. His father and his coaches keep encouraging him.

Every child is an artist

When do you feel most creative? Is it when you are alone, or in the presence of others? Perhaps when you are at home, at work, or while driving somewhere? Are there spaces or environments that make you feel creative? Maybe your kitchen or backyard, a coffee shop, or a craft store? What elements of an environment make you feel creative? Is it the lighting? Perhaps music in the background? Colors or textures around you? Scents in the air? Individuals around you engaging in similar types of activities with you? There are no limits to what can inspire creativity.

A variety of carefully chosen materials can foster creativity in children. Think of materials as a language for children. Materials enable children to express themselves, to share what they already know, to demonstrate existing skills, and to learn new skills. Materials should reflect children’s interests, as well as backgrounds, life experiences, and cultures. Additionally, materials should encourage different kinds of group or individual work in your classroom. This can involve spontaneous or more directed play.

Children are capable learners, and in their hands, materials have unique abilities to construct and carry meaning and activate many learning processes.

Key points

  • Playing with toys can be good for your child’s development.
  • Choose toys based on your child’s age, interests and stage of development.
  • Open-ended toys spark your child’s imagination, creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • You can make toys, use everyday household items as toys, or look for a local toy library.
  • It is okay for you to decide what toys are appropriate for your child


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