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Projet – Gutener Charity NGO


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  1. Network of Children Books Professionals in Africa
  • A Muna Kalati initiative on LinkedIn which provides a platform for professionals within the children’s and young adult literature industry and related industries. It is a space where Publishers, Illustrators, Writers, Book Sellers, Printers, Editors, Animators, Cartoonists and other related specialists in Africa and around the world gather to engage, share opportunities, projects and ideas about trends in the book industry, innovate and also network for business.

Impact/ Benefit

  • Business deals can be realized through networking with other professionals.
  • Exchange of ideas, knowledge and expertise.
  • Exposure to newly emerging professionals.
  • Creativity is inspired by seeing the works of others.

How to contribute or participate?

You can contribute and start participating by joining the group via https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12521021/




  1. One Sunday, One Family
  • On Sunday afternoons, team members of Muna Kalati visit selected orphanages and homes where they have playful and educational interactions with the children through watching and singing nursery rhymes. Educational materials, toys, books and care packages (toiletries, snacks etc.) are donated during these activities.

Impact/ Benefits

  • Promotes literacy among the children.
  • Encourages creativity among children
  • Strengthens the love and bond between families,

It also re-energises the team members as they give back to society and contribute their quota towards increasing literacy. 

How to contribute or participate?

Interested persons can contribute in cash, kind or volunteering their time. More information can be received by emailing info@munakalati.org.




  1. Reading4Healing Workshops

We visit hospitals and offer reading workshops (events) for children who are on admission for chronic ailments. We read to them and offer children’s books, toys, and care packages. Our programs have brought joy and comfort to hundreds of sick and disadvantaged children in Cameroon and Togo.

Muna Kalati also donated hundreds of books to victims of the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon and we regularly hold projects which target child victims of violence at the centre of refugees in Dschang and hospitalized children. The Maison d’ Education et de Protection des Enfants (MAEPE), which is specialised in assisting disadvantaged children in delicate sectors like education, health and nutrition, helps in that regard.

During the first edition which was held in the Dschang District Hospital,  20 children were presented with books, toys and snacks. This number increased in the second edition where 60 to 70 children were given books. Due to covid restrictions, the number of recipients dropped to 30 in the third edition, which took place in Bafoussam.

Four (o4) Editions of Reading for Healing to vulnerable children in hospitals and orphanages have been held.

Impact/ Benefits

These workshops are a bibliotherapy, a creative arts therapy that involves storytelling or the reading of specific texts. We use the kids’ relationship to the content of books and poetry and other written words as therapy. These activities give hope to the chronically sick children and cheers them up.

Reading4Healing workshops are conducted in December and this brings the spirit of Christmas to the children. They feel loved and are able to forget the pains or effects of whatever ailment they may be having. Muna Kalati has donated hundreds of children’s books to children living in conflict areas.

How to contribute or participate?

Interested organisations and individuals can contribute or participate by sponsoring the events. You can also decide to host us at your health institution if there are sick children on admission. Kindly reach out to programs@munakalati.org to inquire or book a session.




  1. Reading4Pleasure Workshops

Here, Muna Kalati together with trained instructors go into the field to guide and interact with children from selected orphanages and disadvantaged areas through exciting, fun-filled educational activities and reading workshops.  Every year, the project was organized together with  the Franco-Cameroonian Alliance of Dschang.


Children are exposed to leisure reading through fun, creative and child-centred activities. They become used to the idea that reading is not just for grades in school but can also be done for pleasure, which builds the habit of reading. It also encourages creativity, innovation, cognitive growth and development.


The Reading for Pleasure workshops is in its fourth year since its inception in Cameroon. The event is now run in two sessions due to the increased demand for it. Six (06)  Reading for Pleasure workshops have so far been held in Cameroon and Togo.

Muna Kalati wishes to replicate the model in deprived communities, orphanages, and children’s hospitals.

How to contribute or participate?

Sponsorships and contributions are welcome. Interested parties can also volunteer to participate by helping or volunteering on the ground during the events and also help in the planning process. If you would like to be a part of this great event, kindly contact programs@munakalati.org




  1. One Orphanage, One Library

This project involves the creation of libraries in orphanages. Every orphanage gets access to one mini library. Publishers and stakeholders interested in children literacy, or those willing to donate books and materials for these libraries are welcome. The libraries are regularly updated with new books.


The provision of libraries encourages literacy and the love of reading in deprived children. We have already created 6 libraries.

How to contribute or participate?

Sponsorships and donations are accepted. Volunteers are welcome.